Testimonial – Kamilla

Today, three years ago our little one, Kamilla was born. We want to thank God, our family, and Amigo Baby. Our team consisted of therapists, coordinators, and services. Together we all took on a journey, in which we have gone through frustrating moments and hope. We took a stroll down beautiful moments, and although some were darks ones; Kamilla brightened those moments with her contagious smile and her ambition to learn. Kamilla has filled our lives with happiness. She has demonstrated to us that any obstacle no matter how difficult can be accomplished. Oh, and how could we forget every time Kamilla hit a milestone, we as parents together with her sisters would jump up and down out of excitement. Just like that, as Kamilla’s parents we can say, and be an example to the entire world. A child is capable of showing their abilities as long as we, as parents are there. As for us, we will continue our journey. As for our team, the therapists, coordinators, and services all we have left to say is NOT goodbye but a see you later. Thank you so much for accompanying us from the very start of this journey.