Who We Are

Family Centered and Individualized Services

Each child and each family is unique and we tailor our services to the family's needs.  We are flexible in scheduling and our therapists have experience managing complex cases and a variety of different diagnoses.  Our goal is to empower families to gain confidence, skills, and knowledge to manage their child's needs.

Natural Environments

We believe that services should be provided in the child’s natural environment. Whether that is the home, the playground, a daycare, or any other environment your child would typically spend their time in. Research shows that children learn and carry over skills better when the skill is practiced in the context of their natural environment.

Team Work

The family, service coordinator, health professionals, and any other individuals involved in the child’s care, are part of our team. Information is shared in a consistent manner, always including the family in all decision making and treatment planning.

Cultural Sensitive Services

Our team is mostly bilingual (Spanish-English) and well trained in providing a strong culturally sensitive program. We support culturally meaningful practices and integrate the family’s culture into our sessions.


We emphasize the importance of the community as the natural environment for the child, as well as a source of support for the family. We hold regular community events that are free to all families in our program, such as our annual holiday parties and a summer picnic. Our goal is for the whole family to be comfortable with engaging in their local community and to make it easier to identify community resources and opportunities.

“The First Step to a Better Future”