What is the Social Development for the First Year?

1 month –

  • Stops crying when picked up.

5-6 weeks –

  • First smile response.
  • Starts making sounds to express pleasure or discomfort.

2 months –

  • Smiles, kicks, and swings arms at the sight of parents.
  • Responds with sounds when talked to.

3 months –

  • Will look up at parent when being fed.
  • Shows excitement when sees bottle.
  • Shows enjoyment of being with parents, meeting new people, and watching other children by looking at them, smiling, making sounds.

4 months –

  • Turns head away from unwanted things.
  • Starts to develop a variety of facial expressions.

5 months –

  • Looks at face in the mirror but does not recognize self.
  • Babbles when content.
  • Affectionate to parents – pats them, gets excited when they approach.

6 months –

  • Loves playing with parents.

7-8 months –

  • Aware of strangers – looks at them seriously.

9 months –

  • Clear signals for likes and dislikes (stiffens body to resist for example)
  • Communicates through a variety of noises.

10 months –

  • Starts using gestures to communicate (holds arms out to be picked up for example)
  • Stranger anxiety develops.

Compiled by Sara Torten MS, OTR/L